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Medical malpractice

Did a health care facility, doctor or health care professional make a mistake in providing health care and did this cause injury to you or your loved ones? You are entitled to financial compensation!

If so, we will arrange for the necessary expert evidence and pursue your claim against the healthcare provider.  

Compensation for personal injury resulting from the provision of medical care can be recovered, provided that the medical professionals’ actions were not in accordance with the knowledge of medical science and the rules of the relevant field, i.e., the medical provider’s actions were contrary to the law 

The most serious misconduct in the healthcare sector occurs particularly in the obstetric sector, where the consequences of unlawful conduct are usually fatal for the child, the mother and the family.  

If you believe that you have suffered personal injury because of a medical professional’s misconduct, please contact us and we will arrange for an expert in the relevant field. An expert opinion to determine lege artis or non lege artis procedure is an essential basis for further action and recovery of related compensation. 

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