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Other injuries

Have you or your loved ones suffered a health injury in any non-culpable event? Fill out our non-binding form and find out what you are entitled to. 
Victim of crime  
Have you been a victim of a crime and have you been injured by the crime? We know that no amount of money can completely make up for the non-pecuniary harm you have suffered, but monetary compensation can help you get through a difficult time in your life. 
Sports Injury
Have you suffered an injury while participating in sporting activities? Were you hit by a skier or injured in a professional sports game? If the conditions for vicarious liability are met, you can claim compensation for your injuries, loss of earnings or permanent consequences.  
Injury to a child  
Has your child been injured at day-care, school, or at an activity organized by the school? Has your child been injured at an entertainment centre? If so, we can help you to claim adequate compensation from the operator.  
Injury or accident abroad 
Have you had an accident abroad? Have you suffered personal injury on a tour organised by a travel agent? Have you had an accident at work abroad? Thanks to our network of cooperating attorneys, we can provide you with professional advice and top legal representation. 

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Feel free to fill in our non-binding form and provide a brief description of your case. We will then assess whether you have a personal injury claim free of charge, agree how to proceed and deal with the case comprehensively on your behalf.